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Shitty economy = Clothes on sale. YESSS!!!

Looking back, I don't really remember what all happened this week; just that it was fun! I need to write out my life's activities in my planner! I pretty much use it as a when-is-rent-due/when-do-I-see-Pete-again guide. I don't have it written down, but I know I went and saw The Academy Is... one night last week. Of COURSE they didn't play "Down and Out," but being there and hanging with the Ramens totally made up for it!

Saturday I went on an Apple Cider pilgrimage with my roomie Jonathan and Lisa. After checking out two Kmarts, Target, countless Duane Reade's, several Walgreene's and CVSs, not to mention a good 12 random grocery/marts in the city, I finally Googled the Alpine Cider I wanted and found the manufacturer sells it to one store waaaaay out in Brooklyn and 10 stores in Jersey. Since I have a strict "No Jersey" policy, we trekked out to Avenue I on the F train to hit up Shop Rite. Where is Avenue I? EXACTLY. I've only been out of Florida for a little under two months, but it was really weird to go to a grocery store with a parking lot!!! (I TOLD YOU it was far away!) Little did I know the F train goes ABOVE ground *Shudders*

Thankfully, Operation Cider was a success. I am giving up chocolate for a year beginning January 1st, so Apple Cider will be the new hot chocolate. Start writing my eulogy kids, cuz January 1st 2010 = J-Mil Death By Chocolate!!! Sadly, Target/cider hunting took up most of Saturday afternoon. Sat night I went out to City Crab with Lisa and then out to Tonic for her birthday. Plan on seeing horrible Facebook pictures soon (thanks, Christine!)

Sunday I made turkey cupcakes. Apparently I love all forms of turkey.

Turkey Cupcake

Gotta love how it's next to the half eaten Gingerbread Lisa and I made last week. Fat kids unite!!!

Sunday night was definitely the icing on the [cup]cake; hooray for random celeb sightings! After cupcaking, Jonathan and I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. He and Lisa were making fun of me since I had never seen it! Lo and behold, who should randomly show up to my favorite free comedy show...


Oh hai, Chevy Chase! Sorry for the crappy pic, my camera phone has no flash and the audience isn't allowed to take pics. Apparently not much has changed; I'm still a rule follower!!!

HIMYM tonight, wheeeee!!!
This decision to move has been GREAT! I haven't had ANY time to do nothing. Everyday after work I either have plans or I seem to make them with my roomies. I'm sure it's because I'm in a mental "honeymoon" state, but I can't foresee a bad day in my future. I realize this post is just me purging random events from my new awesome action-packed life into writing, so forgive me if my high spirits make me sound braggy. But seriously, I feel like a different person. Like, someone I’d actually want to be friends with (who knew?). I couldn't say that about myself in Tampa!!!

Let's start with last weekend. My mom and Brad came up from Florida for some family hang time. We went to a Lightning/Rangers game and watched our team basically get their asses handed to them. We were wearing Rangers credentials, so fortunately for us all of the fighting stayed in the crease!!! Despite the ginormous loss, I enjoyed finally attending my first hockey game of the season... and watching Mike Smith (our GOALIE) earn a 10 minute penalty for fighting. Hey-yo!

Mom and I checked out The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular the next day after we hit up MoMA (where they actually have a LINT EXHIBIT). The Christmas Spectacular was the Coolest. Show. EVER. (Um, actually that's a huge understatement) I'm not exactly a Broadway guru since I've only seen 10-15 shows/plays/musicals/whatever-they're-calleds in my lifetime, but this one is 100% my favorite!!! I wish I could describe how amazing The Rockettes are - not to mention the set changes. I left in the mood of a 6 year old girl on Christmas--- Speaking of which, I CANNOT WAIT for the Christmas Season in New York! Seriously, could you snow already, NY? I bought a badass pair of purple boots I would like to rock ASAP. Kthx.

Saturday we walked around the city and ate Ray's Pizza (legit Ray's Pizza, not that fake shit in Times Square) and had gelato in Little Italy. The owner of the gelato place sounded like he came straight out of The Sopranos and bad-mouthed 90% of his customers after they left. He seemed to like us but probably bad-mouthed us too. However, since he gave us free cannola and cupcakes I'd still join his mob. SIDE NOTE: This place (www.burgersandcupcakes.us) is fucking awesome.

I did take a 3 hour break from my parents on Sat because GET THIS I signed up to be a hair model. I was looking to get a free haircut since I'm cheap, but I ended up getting a free haircut, a free meal AND $100! And the honor of referring to myself as a (super unattractive) model, lol. My folks left Sunday at 9am, so I pretty much slept the day away after making my rounds at the Farmer's market on my block ("Making my rounds" = eating at least 3 of every free sample).

It's a bit funny that I started this post on Monday and it's taken me until today (Friday) to finish writing it. I love being busy! Never a dull moment. Last night I went out with the Gershes to see Shrek the Musical. It was super cute, and had a few different elements added from the movie. Not sure what the next freebie on the list is, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I feel like such a spoiled brat being here, but I keep telling myself I deserve it. I can't keep selling myself sort just because no one else is!

This weekend Ramens unite! I hung out with Amy and the NYC FBR crew at the Cute/Rocket show over a week ago and was stoked to see the NYC family. Anyway, CB is coming down from Beacon and spending the weekend in Brooklyn. Can't wait to see him and Am Jam. I foresee a few late nights at Union Pool and/or AK47! Tuesday = Glamour Kills par-tay (go buy their merch) and Wednesday = TAI. Turkey Day is around the corner (Islands of Adventure has been postponed until Christmas) and I can't wait to leech on to Pete <3

Pictures coming soon. Also, I've gained 10 pounds. I don't look bulimic anymore. Woohoo!

Um, so... I moved to NYC one weekend.

Long story short:

Sept 1st I applied for a new job.
Sept 2nd I got a call for an interview from said job.
Sept 8th I interviewed for said job.
Sept 12th I was hired! I put in my 1 week notice at FBR (sadly, it was the longest notice I could give without dropping out of consideration for my new job).
Sept 19th Was my last day at FBR.
Sept 20th (At 6am) I flew to NYC. One way ticket, baby!
Sept 22nd I started at The Gersh Agency (M-F).
Sept 24th I got an apartment!
Sept 27-28th I moved into said apartment.
Sept 29th-Oct 3rd I shopped everyday after work (furniture, groceries, everything that wouldn't fit in my suitcase).
Oct 3rd-5th Mom came to visit! And Pete comes this weekend!

That's pretty much been my crazy hectic life for the past month (plus a few awful/hysterical apartment hunting experiences, a few nights at AK47, a free unlimited Sangria brunch, random celeb run-ins at work, getting J Lo's manager's card, scoring free movie/play tickets from the Gersh and not to mention having a banging awesome job. Oh, and I live in the East Village, sucka!!!) EDIT: And I was on the Today Show October 1st. Thanks, Al!!!


More updates to come as life unfolds!!!
I've been in a bit of a craptastic mood as of late (and rightfully so) but I've always used the tactic of "avoid your problems and they will go away" to put myself in a better mood. As always, it's worked like a charm ;-)

That made me think of the three things I despise the most. My list goes something like this:

1. Person (who like 4 people can name)
2. Traffic
3. Terrorists

It was a close call between terrorists and traffic, but if a terrorist pisses you off at least you can kick them in the balls. Pete's list is pretty good too:

1. "Guys that talk to you"
2. Terrorists
3. Hitler/ Hillary Clinton

Hahaha, I love Pete to pieces. Any guy who would share my life long dream of meeting Lance Bass with me is definitely a keeper. <3 Oh, and if you were wondering... still gay! My 13 year old heart is still broken (I'm only kidding, Pete!). I would post pictures of the event, but I look pretty awful (as usual).

Speaking of awful pictures, I can now add FBR model to my list of work accomplishments. We out out a winter catalog this week and it looks really awesome. As much as I don't want more work to do, I'm stoked that our merch is selling even better!

Happy New Year! Check out my couture handbag, bitchez!

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I'm sooo glad that it's almost winter time! I visited Pete in Charlotte last week and took a bunch of pictures of the trees (he's such a good sport for putting up with me!). I can't wait to move back to the city and commute through the snow...no, seriously! One of the many things I hate about Florida is the lack of temperature change. Florida, you's ugly! But at least I can be thankful it's hoodie season!


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I spent last Saturday with Nikki Sixx and Julie the [Pants] Ripper at Disney! Julie somehow busted a move to make her butt cheek leap out of her pants. Instead of making her feel awkward about it, I decided to be a good friend and make light of the situation. I took advantage of every opportunity to make her bend over.

"Hey Julie, can I see your phone?"
"Hey Julie, your phone's on the ground!"
"I hate you."

I also came to realize just how easy it was to untie someone's shoe! Anyway, Julie is a sweetheart and I'd never be mean to her if she didn't laugh so hard about it. We parked hopped from MGM to The Magic Kingdom and this is by far the prettiest I've ever seen Cinderella's Castle:

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Anyway, I have nothing to be moody about since the handsome is coming to see me today! We're spending Turkey Tofu Day with my Mom and Brad at Universal. I am going to enjoy kicking Pete's ass at Men In Black in front of my family <3

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Pap pap pap pap paparazzi

Nation! I would like to announce that I am officially STOKED I will no longer have to write in my vote for president. I had stated over a year ago whom I would be writing in. Today, I found out I may be blessed with a hole to punch after all...

Colbert '08

As if that wasn't AWESOME enough (you know you want to watch it one more time), Pete bought us tickets to go to the World Series last night! We'll be headed out to Cleveland Tuesday of next week assuming the Indians win one of their next three games. If they end up winning the Series, I'll have seen all of my favorite sports teams win their championship. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to being one of Grady's Ladies and going on another awesome road trip with the handsome <3

Tomorrow is going to be another bad ass day too! It's the second Academy Is... show of the week AND I get to see my bff again! Oh, hell yes. The only way it could be better than Tuesday's shenanigans would be if our backstage privileges got us food! Ha, idk where my obsession with food came from. My mom (who's awesome) called me this morning and told me Maroon 5 tickets weren't selling well and she got me a free suite for 17 people! Did I ask which suite? Oh no no, just if it came with food or not! Speaking of which, I'm a bit hungry.

I think I need a cheebee.


I haven’t been to enough shows that I shudder at the word (ahem *Craig*), but this month I could have came close! March 1st started off with my first FBR
Backstage, what?,
followed by an open bar, shots from Travie, and my boss doing the worm on the floor of Firestone. Gym Class put on an uh-mazing show, and I am incredibly stoked that they’re half way to going gold. So, tell your friends to buy their record so I can get some jewelry on my wall, haha. No really, School Children is a great record, just ask Kanye West. Anyway, I’ve heard that the how you spend your new year’s determines how awesome/shitty your new year will be. Well, March 1st was a pretty good judgment of how fucking rad the entire month was!

The next day, this ridiculously hot guy showed up at my door step and entertained me all week! Actually, that’s a lie. He surprised me at work with flowers (I’m so spoiled!)! I don’t really remember the order of events, but while he was here on his spring break we went and saw Wild Hogs, spent a day with Craig at Islands of Adventure, watched almost every episode of Heroes, rode scary rides at the Strawberry Festival, saw 300, went to the beach and watched the sunset, and got a $100 meal comp’ed at Floyd’s where I used to work (gotta love feeling important!).

I miss my Floyd’s Girls!

During Pete’s spring break, we got out 1st pet; Dr. Zoidberg! Pete ended up winning NINE goldfish at the Strawberry Festival. We traded them all for one BIG goldfish we named Zoidberg (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but a few months ago, my mom got the cutest most playful kitty every, whom we named Leela). Since my current pets are named after Muppets and Futurama characters, Zoidberg was perfect! After we brought him home, he spent several minutes in the shower before moving into his new home in Lake Roberta. We decided he would probably need more friends than a cat named Leela ;-)

Dr. Zoidberg
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Pete’s spring break definitely ended before I was ready for it to, but I had a full schedule ahead of me. My mom and I snuck into the Justin Timberlake show (because that’s how awesome we are), and I went and saw a few FBR bands too. I checked out This Providence, All Time Low, and Cute Is What We Aim For (who are now being played on 93.3, yay!) one night, Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship (I have shitty pics I took from the stage I’ll post later), and Cartel another night, and I wound up getting hooked up for the Hit The Lights show too! Omar was supposed to come party with everyone, but HTL ended up being lame and sleeping. Oh well, Char and I had fun anyway!

Who’s Awesome?

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that my mom was awesome, but I thought I’d reiterate how much cooler than YOUR mom she is. Lindsay and I went to last Tuesday’s hockey game, and afterwords she took us downstairs to meet everybody. It kind of sucked that we lost since no one was in too great of a mood, but I got everybody to sign my hat, and I got my picture with my FAVORITE player, Ruslan Fedotenko!!! I look retarded, and after Ruslan walked away my mom said, “I haven’t seen you blush like that in YEARS!” Haha, sorry Pete!

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Speaking of Pete, I pretty much kind of sort of absolutely love him (news flash, right?). I actually saw him twice last month! I drove up to Charlotte this passed weekend to see him. It was a 9 hour drive there and a 9 hour drive home that was TOTALLY worth it! We went to Carrowinds (a scary theme park with rides that break) and went on the Skycoaster! It’s kind of like bungee jumping. He’s an awesome picture of us after we were dropped 150 feet:

My boobs look AWESOME

After we left the theme park, we had dinner at his house with his parents. His mom made us all dinner, it was so cute! My parents take everyone out when Pete’s here which is always rad, but it was great to have a home-cooked meal. It was a sweet little mini-vacation, complete with some TMNT action!

I got home Sunday night and didn’t charge my phone because, oh, I left my charger in Charlotte. Woops! So, if any one tries to call me, I won’t be answering until Thursday when I get my charger back. And that was March. Like I said, nothing really happened :-P Anyway, The Academy Is…’s new record comes out tomorrow. Go buy it because Fueled By Ramen says so.

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(Sleeves worn as masks sold separately)
Guess who got to be a Princess for a day? Cinderella! 'Cause let's face it, Kat and I are princesses everyday!

Kat and I took a mini vaykay last month and checked in to the Disney All Star Resort Movies hotel. We got to our room, and then proceeded to take pictures of, well, everything! After we loaded our cameras, we loaded our bellies and headed over to the Hard Rock for the Fall Out Boy/New Found Glory show. We had about 3 "adult beverages" and took our usual half a song period to make our way to the front of the crowd. I don't see myself growing up any time soon!

The next day, we checked out of our Fantasia hotel and got VIP Monorail Passports, wh00t! We headed over to the Happiest Place In The World and did/saw all our favorite attractions, and again, photographed everything in sight. Kat's got a better camera, so I'll post more pictures after she uploads 'em. We took pics with all the Disney characters and even... The Princesses! As my birthday present, Kat took me out to lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table. We had a window seat in Cinderella's Castle, and all the Princesses came over nd wished me happy birthday! Our server was awesome and had several little kids from other tables come over and sing me happy birthday. It was completely adorable! He also brought out a little cake with my name on it.

We stayed at Disney until it closed... and then some! We watched the fireworks display (I'm totally a sucker for explosives) and stayed for "Extra Magic Hours" since we stayed at the Disney Resort. We left with about 300 pictures, 2 Princess Crowns, and 2 best friends necklaces. Kat's mom made fun of us for acting like we're 10. I'm ok with that :-)

My next vacation was to Charlotte earlier this month. I went up to see the handsome and meet his family. I had already met his mom, and I was reeeally nervous to meet his Dad and sister, but after his Dad took us out to eat, I knew I had nothing to worry about. Pete definitely said it best: "They love you!"

We spent the rest of my vacation doing nothing, and it was wonderful! Working two jobs will make you value your relaxation time! Speaking of which, I quit my job at the Hard Rock; I won't be needing it anymore ;-) (I gave them a "two weeks" notice, but stopped showing up after Derek Jeter's Party. I pretty much just wanted to meet Michael Jordan, and left soon after, muah ha ha). Pete and I watched a lot of movies and got suite seats to a Bobcat's game. We watched the Colts win the Superbowl (yesss) and went to one of his friend's parties. It snowed while I was there, so I definitely enjoyed staying indoors!

As soon as I got back home, Coach's wife gave us her hockey seats! I'm usually not so happy when one of out players gets penalized, but I really liked sitting next to Lacavlier in the penalty box! My mom's gonna see if she can get Pete and I Coach's seats for the Sabres game. The Tortorellas are from Buffalo, so I don't really expect that to happen. Either way, it'll be a good game! I also met "my" lawyer, lol! I ran a "red" light and got pulled over. Since my mom always has extra hockey seats to give out, she usually gives some to her friend Scott. He's always told her if she needs anything, so give her a call. Well, my mom called to ask for advice on how to handle my ticket. His advice? "Give it to a shark lawyer like me!"

He happened to be at the game last Tuesday, so my mom said to come to one of the tables and "meet my lawyer." This guy is the coolest dude ever! He said he'd take care of it for me, and then he added--- "You know what? All lights are green for you! It doesn't matter. You can drive however you want from now on! I'll take care of it you!" Lol. I have a lawyer, haha.

As for this weekend, I am takin it easy today. Friday I went to the Take Action Tour and got out of interviewing The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (because really-- who cares about them?), and yesterday I saw THE piano man with Kat and her family. For the first time, I heard Billy Joel play "The Entertainer." Wow. The man never ceases to amaze me.

I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright
I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home
I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life
Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone!


Living well is the best revenge...

December= all out crazy! So crazy in fact, that I went the whole month without updating my lj! Well friends, enemies, stalkers, and secret admirers, here's the entry you've all been waiting for.

December definitely had a kick-ass start. I flew up to NY to see Pete, my boyfriend. Boyfriend? Me? I know what you're all thinking... I know I'm pretty infamous for leading guys on, but Pete is definitely someone I don't want anyone else to have! He's A-MAZING and all mine. I'm selfish, what can I say ;-)

I spent four radtastic days there, which pretty much consisted of eating, sleeping, and shopping! Day one, Pete, Pete's friend Tom and I drove to New Jersey and picked up Nikki 6, ate at The Red Bamboo (one of my all time FAVORITE restaurants), and went to Asscat (the best free comedy show on the isle of Manhattan!). I really wanted Chris Gethard to be there, so Pete and I could tell him we modeled our relationship after his! Ha, in one monologue, he talked about how he always planned his and his girlfriend's vacations around food. It seems like Pete and I only visit each other to eat rad food! After the show, we drove passed 30 Rock to see the tree. It was just as beautiful as the tree I looked at every day for a month when I worked there. *Sigh* I miss the city.

My vacation was short and sweet. The 4 days I was there really only seemed like two. Pete took me shopping at H&M (I am so spoiled!) and taught me how to drive a manual transmission! I also met his mom which was really cool. I'm glad I got to see his house, because he just moved to Charlotte last week (13 hours closer, woo!).

The following week, I graduated from college. I know it's an accomplishment, but I don't really feel like it was a big deal. It was just as easy as high school, only way more fun! I opted to have two majors, so I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, and a B.A. in Radio/Television. My grandparents came down from my graduation ceremony and my dad went too. After the whole assembly line of graduates walked across the stage, I met my dad outside and took a bunch of pictures with him and Kenny and Kenny's family. Then we met up with Mom, Brad, grandpa and Peggy. Even though it was for just a moment, it was really awesome to have everyone together. I remember Peggy saying, "You're grandfather's aways really liked your dad." DUH! Who wouldn't? Only people who suck big time, that's who.

Fast forward to a week later. I had my last day at Fueled By Ramen in December, which was a bummer. Either liking working at FBR makes me lame, or makes my job/the people I work with really awesome. Judging by our office picture, I'm gonna hafta go with really awesome :-D

I also had my birthday on December 19th! My dad took me out to JoTo's (hibachi!) the night before, and I ate tofu and filet mignon. It was yummy, and my dad got me some new clothes. My mom took me out to B&T in Hyde Park for lunch, where I ate more tofu. I love it! She and Brad got mr $100 to Best Buy, which I used to buy a DVR. Hell yah, I am owning every episode of Conan, 30 Rock, Heroes, and The Office from here on out. NBC, we'll get you out of the can, you just wait! For my birthday dinner, I ate MORE tofu at Kobe's (hibachi again!) with Kat and Matt! Oh man, it was awesome! Matt got me a really nice 250 GB external hard drive (I am a computer geek!) and Kat is taking me to Disney next month to eat at Cinderella's Castle! DAAAMN my friends are awesome (you know you're jealous!)!

Fast forward to Christmas. Did I mention we got a new kitten??? Her name is Lela. She enjoyed eating wrapping paper this Christmas ;-) I think I did really good this year; I went out of my way to get stuff my friends would really like. I got some awesome stuff too; $525 in gift cards to my favorite places! Kat got me some rad Pug Dog pants and Nikki 6 got me a 2 year subscription to AP. Hell yes. And I can't not mention my AWESOME D&G sunglasses from Pete:

Christmas was pretty awesome, but the day after was even better... Pete drove here from Charlotte! I had to work, but being that my mom and Brad think Pete's pretty rad (I definitely can't argue!) they took him out to dinner while I was at my restaurant job. The following day was... indescribable. See for yourself.

Dinosaur WorldCollapse )

After Dinosaur World, we went to a Lightning game (I don't think I mentioned... my mom works for them now, and is sort of a big deal) and had awesome seats yet again. I totally love the hockey ticket hook up, btw. I was hoping Pete would get to meet my sister, but she was sick. Maybe next time. After the Lightning lost (guh!), Pete and I went to pick up Nikki 6 at the airport. We sneak attacked her, grabbed her luggage and sped home to sleep. We got up at 7 the next morning to go to... EPCOT!!!!

So, the countries at Epcot are pretty lame (minus Norway, and for some ODD reason, Mexico) but we all had a blast at Futureland! My favorite was definitely the Ellen ride pause not. LOL! As cheesy as it sounds, I gotta admit I liked meeting the characters the best!

Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, and Chip and Dale!Collapse )

All in all, December was a good month :-) Looking back, I know that 2006 was one of the most important years in my life. I interned at my favorite show, lived in New York City, worked alongside my idol, met more celebrities than I have friends, made a ridiculous amount of meaningful friends, learned a substantial amount of Photoshop, met my boyfriend, saw my mom lose and keep off 50+ pounds, saw my mom make an incredibly awesome career advancement, got hired at (an AWESOME) record label, made more radtastic friends, graduated from college, and from Fall to Winter went from 152 to 125lbs. Let's hope 2007 is as awesome to my friends and me as 2006 was ;-)

My life's pretty awesome.