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So I'm iming my boyfriend instead.

Jenna (12:05:16 PM): i love you!
Pete (12:05:30 PM): i love you!
Jenna (12:05:43 PM): <-- luckiest girl EVER!!!
Pete (12:06:24 PM): ^ best girlfriend ever
Jenna (12:07:19 PM): *aww*

February was so short! I know that's a bit of a 'duh' statement, but it ended really quickly! I hung out with Am Jam and went to the Jimmy Eat World Clarity Tour (!!!!) on the 23rd. We hit up a small bar around the corner from Terminal 5 where Jason let me eat most of his fried ravioli and sweet potato fries (score). The show = uh-mazing. They played Clarity from beginning to end, just like I'd hoped! Their 'encore' was a handful of b-sides and a few singles. I was a bit pissy beforehand and almost skipped out on the show (ah!), but am VERY thankful I didn't!

As if the week wasn't awesome enough already, my Mom <3 came to the city on Wednesday! I took her out to dinner at Wild Ginger and spent almost a week living at the Double Tree. Our hotel room was the size of my apartment (probably equates to the size of a normal hotel room, but seemed a lot more spacious than I'm used to!) I randomly found WG at restaurant.com; $25 gift cards were on sale for $2 a piece. So, I loaded up on gift cards from random restaurants throughout the city (anyone wanna go out for dinner?? Haha.) NYC food is the best; I never want to eat at the same place twice (unless its Red Bamboo) plus, who can judge me for saving myself some cash in the process?

Thursday Mom and I went to the Rangers game thanks to some of our friends who work there. MSG is SO much different better than the Ice Sports Forum. Their wives room(s) have HD TVs, an array of fresh food, a bar, and a frozen yogurt machine! It's like the XO Club only nicer and in a cozier setting. The Rangers ended up losing despite a early lead (and one of our goals was retracted) but I had a great time anyway. I miss my hockey. If only my roommates like sports and not GTA...

Friday I took the day off and woke up to another spectacular breakfast. We stayed at the Double Tree on 51st and Lex (my mom is classy ;-) and our stay included breakfast. The first day I had eggs, fruit salad, and a parfait but by the time Mom's trip ended I was all over the french toast, bacon, and make your own waffles. This weekend totally proved I'm a foodie! As for Friday, Mom and I hit up the NHL store and picked up some essential Rangers gear. I am stoked to have a new (home) team to root for!!!

We had another first and braved the weather in line at the tkts booth in Times Square. We scored 1/2 off (bad ass) Avenue Q tickets! I didn't know anything about the show other than it won a Tony and puppets were involved... It turned out to be a fucking amazing show! I left humming "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" but I'd have to say "The Internet is for Porn" was my favorite song. Oh, and "It Sucks to be Me" even though I can't relate!!!

Saturday we (well, my Mom) did some power spending. She got us Fossil watches from Macy's and a few new outfits from a couple of botiques. We nommed at Rue 57 and took candy home from FAO Schwartz. We ended our evening with another hockey game (which we won!). It is so sad that I have the coolest mom ever and now live so far away from her :(

This week's been pretty uneventful aside from hanging out with Bailey and Kevin on Tuesday and a failed attempt at Yoga last night. I am looking forward to more Am Jam hangs this weekend though, possible catching Watchmen, a sushi date on Saturday and maybe even a Chris Gethard bus ride to Jersey. And 6 days till I see Pete!!!


Nov. 1st, 2011 02:14 am (UTC)
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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