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That is just so typically me.

Superbowl Sunday I made some more badass cupcakes. Plz see below.

I took them to Bailey and Kevin's friend's place for a pAArty and I also threw $2 in a football pool and came out with $20. Whee! I was hoping for a Cardinals win, but after I had earned $20 from the second quarter, I didn't care who won as the score was in my favor.

Last week went by pretty quickly and I ended up getting my Valentine's Day present from Pete a week early. I love it; I am now enabled to drool on him everyday.

Friday I hung out with Am Jam, Sluz, Caleb, and Jenn at Barcade. I feel I have some pretty sweet Miss Pac Man skills. The best part of the night was the ride to the bar. The SUV we called had a Portable DVD player fully equpit with a KARAOKE MACHINE. We sung 'Oops! I Did It Again' and 'Lean On Me' on our way to the bar. Our time was short, but I feel it was used very effectively. As per usual, the question of the night was "Where did you get that STRAW?"

Saturday I grabbed my 4 lens action camera, some black and white film and headed towards Times Square. I had a(n hour) pit stop in the NHL to catch the end of the Flyers game and it felt pretty good to watch some hockey. I used up my roll of fil taling pictures of people and taxis and headed in to NBC to catch up with Pierre and eat Saturday Night Live's food for (possibly) the last time. It is sad to think Late Night with Conan O'Brien is in its final two weeks.

After leaving Pierre I met up with Melissa, Lisa E, and Erica for some dinner, since dinner round 1 was (apparently) not enough to fill yours truely. We went to Telephone Bar and Grill after stopping at the Village Theater to get tickets for the latest chick flick. When it was my turn, I stepped up to buy my ticket and forgot the name of the movie, so I blurted out "One ticket to 'She So Doesn't Like You' please!!!" So all night the name of the movie kept changing. The real title should've been "He's So Not Into This Movie." No dude looked stoked on it!

Yesterday I ate for 1/3 of the day and slept for another 2/3. I found out my friend John from Indiana will be huuur on Wednesday to see Conan so I am very excited to see him and I'm trying to get Pierre to come out with us, too. Also, one of the guys in FNB texted me and asked if I would go to their show on Thursday and since Am Jam's going, I said "Sign ME up." Friday's forcast is looking to be pretty solid with some more AM Jam hangs and Saturday's a bit overcast with a videochat with Pete and chinese take out with Lisa E. Sunday = either NHL on NBC or NHL in MSG. I am hoping for the latter. We'll see how it goes.


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