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Big Bang Theory

As usual, this week has been awesome (I sound like a total bro). I think I need to start updating my LJ daily because, yet again, I've pretty much forgotten what the hell happened since the last update. I've been pretty good documenting my life via my digital camera but it's sitting in my apartment at the moment. I keep meaning to post pictures, but after I upload them to my computer I forget to mess with them since I'm always on the run. I guess I'm just too busy being... busy!

Purging life in journal. Warning! Intense unorganized word vomit may follow.

Last weekend I got free tickets from work to check out Brian Posehn. I went with Lisa E and we left just in time to get hit by a whirlwind of SNOW! Rather than taking the subway for 8 Avenues, we walked and took pictures every step of the way home. In my mind, snow looks different from every angle. And every angle is beautiful!!! Seriously, the most random objects become STELLAR objects when the have snow on them. Prove me wrong.

Lisa done got snowed on!

Two nights ago I passed Kristen Johnson outside of Telephone Bar (3rd Rock From the Sun, anyone?). She smokes. Eww.

I've probably been to Angels and Kings 3 times in the past week. I say "probably" because my memory is shot, not because I got so drunk I can't remember. That would really suck though, b/c since I'm never charged for anything it's not like I could count receipts (which is usually my method of calculating the amount of pizza I've eaten in an evening). Anyway, I really, really like it there. You know you've found a good bar when they take your credit card merely to appease you. I actually left it there on Friday because Nikki and I were too tired to go back and get it after hitting up Falafel Star. I went back the following night and my card was tucked away safely under the cash register (thaaaanks Jesse). In Orlando, I definietly wouldn't have left my card anywhere knowingly, and you can bet I'd cancel it ASAP if it wasn't in my possesion!


Soooo, Lisa and I made Christmas cookies! I like making goodies, what can I say? Also, she got me a hair dryer for my birthday! I haven't had one since August. I dropped my old one and the nozzle busted off, yet I still continued to use it (Hi, I'm cheap). However, it didn't exactly make the move to NYC.

Cookies? I'd rather make a mess kthxbye.

Speaking of goodies, I made snowmen cupcakes. The turkeys looked cooler. Then again, my snowmen all had their arms amputated. Arms are overrated anyway. Fuck arms.

If snowmen had beaks...

This past Saturday I saw Nicole, Lisa AND the entire Baker clan!!! Erica and her family came up from Florida to spend the holidays here. I absolutely LOVE the Baker family. We intended on ice skating, but apparently the entire isle of Manhattan had the same idea. 30 rock was paaaacked so we took a detour through Times Square before making our way to Bryant Park (hey, they're tourists). Let's just say free ice skating wasn't any less busy...

I sparkle, too!

Today I had to watch Gossip Girl and edit out the Cyndi Lauper scenes to submit to a casting agency. Let me rethink that... Today I HAD to watch Gossip Girl. Yup! Still love my job!

I figured out whats different here in NY. I feel like I have friends! I'm not saying I didn't have friends back home, but for some reason I always felt I was being a burden if I called and asked someone if they wanted to hang out. So, I'd kind of sit around hoping someone would call. Also, I never wanted to be like, "Hey! Come over! Let's hang out at my parents house!" Here I feel like I know EVERYONE. And I love it! I am also super stoked I've gotten so close with Lisa. We were roomies in college and literally NEVER saw each other!!! Also, I've gotten over my intense fear of hang out rejection.

No longer a hangout reject.

Also, Polaroids are awesome.

Tuesday night I went to a Fall Out Boy performance. I love that band to death and will support anything they do, but something was just off. Maybe it was the choreographed dance routine/dancers, maybe it was Pete talking about the Cowboys for a short eternity, or maybe it was the strobe lights. Regardless, they played Yule Shoot Your Eye Out and sounded spectacular. And I found $5 on the ground! Also, Nikki and I waited in an autograph line just to say hi and it was fucking weird. Pete was high, Joe was (oddly) excited to see me, Andy was just as awkward as I was ever, and Partick seemed like the same sweetheart he's always been. Love those boys.

Meee and Peeeeeeete

Victor Garber just walked in. Random!

In other news, I got up at 5:20 this morning and headed out the door at 6:30 to meet up with Erica. I wanted to see my favorite Baker again before she left for home from X-Mas vacation. We went to the Today Show and my bff Al shook our hands and wished us Merry Christmas. Also, Meredith Viera wished me a Merry Christmas as well. She's a doll!

This is Today on Jenna's LJ.

I am totally on a sugar high right now! (Eek!) One of our sweetheart actresses (and one of my favorite people) Natalie brought me a chocolate shake from SHAKE SHACK today! Logan (another client who's wonderful) brought us all homemade Christmas cookies! Tonight is our office holiday party, too. I love this agency. Ah! My other favorite Vincent just came in and wished me happy birthday. DUDE! I just love the vibe here.

Ugh, I ate too much sugar today! I'm going to quit word purging. I think I might actually yack! Anyway, I III II II I I'll talk to you guys later.

Also, huge suprise. I found my dad at a bar.


Dec. 19th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the huge laugh at the end. ;)

Glad you're having fun. I'll hopefully figure out some time (maybe when I have money?) to get up there and visit!

(I I III III I'll talk to you guys later....I gotta go.)
Dec. 29th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad I got to see you gf! I miss you!

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